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      1. Introduction

        The company’s R&D projects are sufficiently guaranteed by its excellent new drug R&D teams, matching laboratories and relevant instruments. The company mainly aims at the R&D of antineoplastic drugs, while it also commits itself to developing high quality compounds, intermediates and drugs for treatment of cardiovascular and digestive tract diseases. It forges ahead with innovation, makes the most of cooperation with research institutes and follows closely to the latest achievements and research directions in both domestic and overseas pharmaceutical industries. Basing on the phased, ceaseless and positive R&D of new drugs and abundant R&D experiences, the company has obtained an outstanding R&D capacity, with research closely linked with market and achievements closely linked with economic benefits.

        R&D Team

        The R&D management team is composed of returned doctors, most of whom once worked in famous American pharmacy companies. The team’s rich experience in management and R&D of new drugs attracts more and more excellent talents to join them. At present, the R&D team has 50 undergraduates, 12 postgraduates and 4 medical professional doctors, two of whom obtained the doctoral degree in overseas well-known universities. Knowledge independency and superior innovation provides a solid guarantee for developing excellent quality products.

        Present Circumstances

        At present, several new drugs are under different R&D stages of declaring clinical entity, processing clinical research or declaring production. The company can develop 3 to 4 pharmaceutical intermediates every year.


        The company has developed nearly 30 new pharmaceutical intermediates. The following has acquired the production approval issued by the State Food and Drug Administration.

        ? Oxaliplatin and Oxaliplatin for injection
        ? Clodronate Disodium, Clodronate Disodium Capsules, Clodronate Disodium Injection
        ? Seratrodast and Seratrodast Tablets
        ? Cisplatin Injection
        ? Dacarbazine for Injection
        ? Zoledronic Acid and Zoledronic Acid for injection
        ? Azasetron Hydrochloride and Azasetron Hydrochloride Injection
        ? Ifosfamide and Ifosfamide for injection
        ? Injectio Natarii Norcantharidatis
        ? Praziquantel film-coated tablets
        ? Pemetrexed Disodium and Pemetrexed Disodium for injection


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